Coil- and Slit Strip Packaging Lines CVL

Compact, modular designed, very efficient

Already during designing of the coil packaging line "CVL" it had been a main focus that these installations are to be integrated into the current working procedures of the customers. By this reason the cycle times always are adopted to the actual production processes of the slitting lines working  in customer's production.
The coil slitting line "CVL" consists of KBD-standardised modules, with which, basing on small adaptations within the modules, a very big number of customer-specific solutions can be made available. 
Due to above features the coil packaging line "CVL" can be configured customer-specific and can be integrated perfectly into any slit-strip producing production.

The architecture of the Coil Packaging Line "CVL" is much more compact than other solutions usual in the market. It can be integrated without any problem into nearly any plant and in so far is specially suitable to enlarge existing slitting lines as well as other coil-to-coil systems.  

Below please find a photo of the portal construction which is the central construction of the Coil Packaging Line "CVL", in which run together all internal transports of coils and slit strips.
At this part of the line all incoming and outgoing transports are coordinated by the Y- and X-axis according to the single jobs to be done.

Line-specific individualised portal construction

Task of the module "Spreader" is to pick up single slit strips from the turnstile.
Due to the integrated separating control it is assured that each time 1 single slit strip is taken off only, even in case o very narrow slit strips. 

Spreader for precise take off of single slit strips

The tilting cart takes over the slit strips from the arm of the turnstile of the slitting line and transports them into the area of the portal construction, where it stopps precisely and where the Y- and Z-axis takes over the slit strips.

Tilting cart for transport of slit strips into the area of the portal construction

Within the area of the portal construction the slit strips are moved between the single areas of treatment by means of a vacuum gripper. This procedure is very gentle to the products and avoids any kind of transport damage caused by shocks and / or lugging procedures.
The pneumatic duplex-bracing, integrated into the vacuum gripper, avoids the inner uncoiling of the slit strips, which very often happens in case of very narrow slit strips and very small inner diameters.

Vacuum gripper for product conserving transport within the portal construction

At the strapping station, which is integrated into the area of the portal construction, the slit strips are strapped across single, one by one.
The strapping station can dan strap the slit strips either with 3 straps at a distance of 120° each, or with 4 straps at a distance of 90° each, upon free choice.
The changeover time between 120° strapping and 90° strapping takes a few minutes only.

Strapping station for 120° across strapping or 90° across strapping

The strapping station is equipped with a weighing machine which can be calibrated. An industrial weighing terminal, which can withstand rough ambient conditions, offers the possibility of a sight control and monitoring as well as integration into the control system of the Coil Packaging Line "CVL".

Weighing system including calibration possibility integrated into the Coil Packaging LIne (CVL)

The Coil Packaging Line "CVL" can be equipped with stack carriage trucks on rails at floor level, of which each single one has its own drive, independent from the others. Power supply is done by trailing cable, control and coordination is done by industrial WLAN.
Alternatively the Coil Packaging Line "CVL" can be equipped with freely movable, battery-driven stack carriage trucks, which can be used as driverless AGV-carriers.

Stack carriage truck, on rails or freely movable without rails

The control systems of the Coil Packaging Line "CVL" are customized and are connected to existing systems.

Control of Coil Packaging Line CVL)

In case of any question regarding the Coil Packaging Line CVL, described above, please do contact us. We will be prepared to answer your questions.

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