Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH is Exhibitor at the Blechexpo 2013 at Stuttgart, 5th to 8th November 2013, Hall 8 - Booth 8200

Dear Customers,

Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH is Exhibitor at the Blechexpo 2013 at Stuttgart, from 05th to 08th November 2013. You will find us at hall 8, booth 8200.

We would like to inform you about our wide range of products, regarding topics Coil Handling, Die Change, Heavy Load Handling, Material Handling.

There will to be seen several exhibits regarding the topic die change. For example there will to be seen a die change cart, pneumatically operated die lifters with rolls or balls, as well as our die moving system Mark II for moving the dies onto and on the press table.

Regarding Coilhandling Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH is selling the complete product program, including Coil Feeding Lines as long versions or short versions, as well as 3-in-1 lines. All machines being part of coil feeding lines also are available as single machines, for integration into existing coil feeding lines at customer's plants. These are decoilers, double decoilers, straighteners, levellers, feeder-straighteners, roll feeders, gripper feeders, shears and others.

You would like to increase safety at die change and / or shorten the time needed for die change? Then we do have a lot of interesting solutions for you, made as die change carts with different lifting heights, as front loader or side loader, with lifting function for picking up the dies at the rack and also for putting the dies into the rack.The carts can be freely movable or  guided by rails.

We also offer die lifters with rollers and / or balls as well as tool loading arms. 

You want more safety and efficiency for maintenance of your press dies?
To split dies by overhead crane within the maintenance area, to turn the die or parts of it and to put them together again by overhead crane, you regard as too dangerous for your employees and for your dies? Then we should discuss about our Die Splitters, with which you can split your press dies safely for your employee and for the die, you can turn the upper die parts by 180° and you can deposit the die halfs within the die splitter, for maintenance work. After that the dies reverse will be put together again, precisely and without any damage.  All that is possible for press die up to 60 tons and within shortest possible time.

You are working with plastic injection moulds and would like to work on them at the maintenance area.
In this case our horizontal mould openers for plastic injection moulds will be the right solution for you! Our horizontal mould openers can split plastic injection moulds into their two parts, even in case of mould weight of 50 tons or more,and turn both parts of the mould by 90°. You can do maintenance work at the moulds or change parts of them and at the end fit them togther again.

Within your production you need to lift very heavy products, possibly with difficult geometries, turn them and lay them down again?. Then we should talk about our turning stations.
By these turning stations we can pick up components up to 60 tons or more, lift and turn them, and keep them available for further work to be done, and afterwards lay them down again. 

No matter what you want to turn, whether it is a stack of sheet metal, generators, gear boxes, bottom frames, drive shafts, big bearings or others, we should talk about it.

You want to transport inhouse heavy loads, also with difficult geometries, and you do not have an overhead crane covering the whole distance?
Then we should talk about our heavy load transport carts. They are available as universal carriers, pallet trucks and flatbed trucks with a lot of different executions, also as coil transport carts. Depending on type of cart load capycities of up  to 60 tons, 100 tons or more are possible to be done. These carts are battery-powered and freely manoevrable. Precise driving is an easy task with the available radio control. 

Our Push- / Pull Unit PTT3 with quick coupling is an excellent tool for manoevring a lot of non-driven trailers in alternating mode.

In any case it will be worth to visit us at our booth. It will be really interesting to talk about heavy load handling solutions.

Come to our booth No. 8200 at hall 8.

We will be happy to welcome you.

Yours faithfully

Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH

Stephan Seidel